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Monetize Your Services

Make A Huge Impact (and Income)

Successful non-fiction authors are leveraging their bestselling books to attract leads into their world.

When structured right, a book acts as a business card that attracts warm leads inquiring about your services.

With the proper hooks within your book, well designed funnels, and a CRM that manages your leads and move them into your value ladder, you will grow both your email list and clients conversions.

This means, you will charge high-ticket services and speaking engagements.

Want to Attract Warm Leads for Your Coaching, Consultancy, or Training Services?

A Person Who Has Purchased Your Book and Spent a Few Hours of Their Lives Reading It Will Automatically Become a Warm Prospect When They Reach Out To You...

1. Attract Leads

  • Lead Magnets: We will work with you on creating lead magnets that have high value, so that your readers will opt in your website in exchange for their contact details.

  • Sales Funnels: We can build your funnels with landing pages and workflows that builds your email list.

2. Grow Your Prospects

  • Nurture The Relationship: Add value to your leads with information, resources, and tools that will help you nurture that trust relationship with them.

  • Automate Your Emails: Create emails auto-responders that drip into your leads' inboxes. The more value you add, the faster you turn a lead into a prospect.

3. Serve Your Customers

  • Build Rapport: We help you build and automate the tools that allow your prospects to book a call with you and begin a conversation that builds rapport.

  • Serve Your Customers: We will train you on how to serve your prospects and prepare them to ask for your services (and not you trying to sell them anything).

We’ve Done Some Amazing Work for Some AMAZING Authors

Here Are a Couple of Their Stories

Legendary Director and Producer, Price Hall, Has Established His Acting Coaching Business

Known for producing and directing Hollywood movies (Mississippi Murder, Dancing in Twilight, Swing Vote, and Being Rose), Price Hall wanted his unique Acting Naturally methods be taught to actors and directors all over the world.

Price published his book independently and without the right approach and marketing, the book lost its ranking and disappeared in the search results on book retailers' platforms.

We helped Price publish his book Making Choices for The Successful Actor and launch The Natural Act University with leading producers, directors, and actors on his team of coaches.

Sadika Kebbi is Getting Booked as Keynote Speaker in Major Events and Done Her Own TEDx

Sadika Kebbi, with great public speaking skills, came to us frustrated with the lack of exposure on her book, website, and events. She wanted to go from hunting to speak at events to being the hunted.

We helped Sadika re-publish her book, Whispers of Silent Women, with a new title, new cover, revised content, and the right hooks to drive leads into her world.

Sadika's book became a #1 new release in multiple categories on its first week, and then an international best seller in less than 4 months.

Rana Baydoun's Novel Won Multiple Awards and Became a Bestseller in Multiple Categories

Rana Baydoun wrote a great romantic comedy book, but was struggling to get it noticed by readers in her niche. She got on a call with us when she decided she needed a change.

We came up with a plan and in just 5 months, Rana's book, The Elephant Tooth of '95, became a #1 bestseller in multiple categories, was nominated (and won) multiple awards. After establishing her author platform, she's preparing her next book.

Melkart Rouhana is Enabling Greatness With His Bestselling Book, Keynote Speaches, and Events

An unshakable, pragmatic leader and highly sought-after keynote speaker, Melkart Rouhana is enabling greatness with his award-winning and bestselling book Greatness is NOWHERE.

Named "The Rock Star of Customer Service” by Porsche executives, “The Ferrari of Customer Experience” by top executives, and “the Engagement Magician” by top hoteliers, Melkart is transforming world-class organizations.

Husam AlSaleh is Helping Entrepreneurs Get Their Startups Set For Success Through His Bestselling Book

Husam AlSaleh wrote a great book on helping entrepreneurs launch their startups and grow them profitably. Before we worked together, Husam's book's title and cover were not well researched and designed to make the book fit in its categories and stand out of the competition.

We redesigned his book, including the interior by including the right hook that drove entrepreneurs into his world so that he can coach them for success.

Husam's book, The Successful Business Startup Action Guide,  was launched into a #1 New Release and sticked at that rank for a full month, and then became a #1 International Bestseller in 3 categories in exactly 3 months. The book was also nominated for multiple international awards.

Zeina Jradi's Novel Was a Big Success in Arab Speaking Countries. Watch Out For The Global Roll Out!

Renowned novelist, writer, and media personality Zeina Jradi is on a mission to share real-life stories and true events recreated into fictional stories with imaginary heroes. This correlation between her novels’ characters and real people’s stories and voices makes her novels an emotional bridge between her and her readers.

Her Arabic Novel, A Prisoner Behind the Bars of Time, hit the media and all the bookstores' shelves in the Arab World within weeks of being published.

Our publishing team has translated this novel into English and is being set to be published as a #1 International Bestseller. We've also created the right hooks to get coaching leads to approach Zeina for her coaching services.


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